在“世界美食之都”顺德,开启寻味之旅 Shunde: City of Gastronomy

Foshan China 2019-04-17



Recently, Shunde received an email from "Creative Cities Network" of UNESCO that it successfully passed the first reexamination of City of Gastronomy with great grades.




So far, there are 26 cities of gastronomy in the globe and three of them are in China, which are Chengdu, Foshan Shunde and Macao.




It takes an reexamination every four years to keep the honor. At the end of 2014, Shunde was awarded this title and it submitted documents at the end of last year. In the report, UNESCO highly appreciated the achievements of Foshan, including the international gourmet culture exchange center under preparation and Foshan’s effort to provide free cooking training for poor families.




Shunde, a city famous for its delicious food, is an ideal place for tasting gourmet and sightseeing. Let’s go!




Huagai Rd. Street




In Qinghui Garden of Shunde, there are all kinds of fine works of art, combining ancient elegant culture and Lingnan garden architecture.




Minxin and Renxin are remarkable time-honored brands of desserts in Shunde.




With a history of over 80 years, double-layered milk is very popular for its sweet and smooth taste. You can also add red beans, chestnuts and mango into it. Thousands of bowls of double-layered milk are sold every day and people often queue up for this delicacy.




Fengjian Waterside Village




The antique Fengjian, Xingtan has a river-style scenery.




There are snack shops everywhere. Jun’an steamed pig, fish pie, double-layered milk, Lunjiao cake and all kinds of local snacks can fill your stomach with about 30 yuan!




Private home cuisine is another thing that you cannot miss. Garden-like Yunyuan Cuisine, Mother Huang that attracts Hong Kong gastronome.... more than a dozen of private home cuisine restaurants scatter in streets and lanes, waiting for you to have a taste.




Fisherman's Wharf




In 1960s, Fisherman's Wharf was the most developed export station of grain in Ronggui, carrying the memory of two generations of Ronggui people. At sunset time, it is romantic and charming.




There are many stylish restaurants and dessert shops at the wharf. Seafood, hot pot and dessert can all be found here.




Shunde He Garden




Besides wonderful landscapes, it is also a place for gourmet. Double-layered milk of Minxin, Lunjiao cake of Huanjie, Daliang butterfly-shaped fried cookie and other time-honored brands enter He Garden.




The first eel specialty restaurant——Lucky Eel in Shunde steams and roasts fresh eel on the spot; beautiful garden restaurant——Guoranju offers sashimi, Fengcheng chicken with four sauces, stuffed mud carp and other Shunde local cuisines.