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Foshan Kung Fu
Foshan is known as the village of martial arts. There are lots of masters and organizations of martial arts such as Wong Fei-hung, Ip Man and Bruce Lee.
  • Wing Chun

    Wing Chun (咏春) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.

  • Ip Man Tong

    In order to commemorate the Wing Chun master Mr. Ip Man, Foshan set up the Ip Man Tong in 2002 with the great support of Ip’s descendants in Zumiao.

  • IP Man Memorial Hall

    Luo Cun, hometown of Ip Man, as the protection unit of non-material cultural heritage of "Wing Chun, Ip Man Clan" constructed the memorial hall.

  • Foshan Huang Feihong Memorial Hall

    Foshan set up a Huang Feihong Memorial Hall in the north of Zumiao in 2001, which displays Huang Feihong's whole life in Martial Art.

  • Wong Fei-Hung Lion Dancing and Martial Art House

    In 1997, the Tourism Department of Xiqiao Town built Wong Fei-Hung Lion Dancing and Martial Art House in Wong's birthplace Luzhou Village.

  • An introduction of Bruce Lee’s former residence

    Bruce Lee’s ancestral home and former residence locate in Shangcun village in Jun’an town.

  • Foshan Kung Fu to appear at Chancheng Tourism Culture Week

    25 Foshan Wushu halls will present each Kung Fu essence at the opening ceremony of Chancheng Tourism Culture Week on May 28.


  • Foshan Kung Fu Street

    Shatang Community is a Kung Fu Community where many martial arts masters had lived.


  • The "2017 Wong Fei-hung Cup" Lion Dance in Xiqiao Mountain

    There will be 19 lion dance teams from all over the nation attending the game.


  • French fellow opens Foshan Pak Mei martial club in Paris

    Benjamin Culos opened up a martial club of Foshan Pak Mei in Paris, France.


  • Hongsheng Hall, a martial arts organization open to the world

    Foshan Hongsheng (Hung-Sing) Hall has important influence in international martial arts nowadays.


  • 66 Kungfu Corner fightings in Nanhai

    A series of activities of 2017 Foshan Kungfu Corner(Nanhai) has begun in Nanhai on April8, which marks the beginning of 66 Kungfu Corners around the year.