Wong Fei-Hung Lion Dancing and Martial Art House

Foshan China 2017-05-03

Xiqiao is the birthplace of South China Lion Dancing and hometown of Wong Fei-Hung. It enjoys long and splendid dragon and lion dancing and Wushu culture and profound cultural deposit. Dragon and lion dancing took birth 2000 years ago and were favored by Nanhai people. It passes down from generation to generation and grows more and more prosperous. Along with the migration of Chinese, dragon and lion dancing have been brought to each corner of the world.



In 1997, the Tourism Department of Xiqiao Town built Wong Fei-Hung Lion Dancing and Martial Art House in Wong's birthplace Luzhou Village. The house is a building imitating an antique architecture style and the pattern of Wong's Baozhilln (a pharmacy). It has rooms for showing Wong's deeds and lion dancing everyday at scheduled time.


Taking advantage of Wong Fei-Hung's reputation and the profound culture of dragon and lion dancing as well as martial arts, Xiqiao government holds competitions like "Wong Fei-Hung Cup" Domestic Chinese Lion Dancing Competition and "Wong Fei-Hung Cup" International Chinese Lion Dancing Competition in Labor Day and National Day from 2002. After years of experience, the lion dancing competition organized by Xiqiao government has become the world grade South China Lion Dancing Competition with the biggest scale and highest level lion dancing teams. Each competition attracts over 100,000 audiences every year.



Source: 西樵山风景名胜区管理委员会