IP Man Memorial Hall

Foshan China 2017-05-03

Ip Man dedicated his whole life to building Wing Chun a wonderful microcosm of Chinese martial arts history as well as spreading it worldwide to make it a unique culture of traditional Chinese martial arts. In order to commemorate the outstanding martial artist, Luo Cun, hometown of Ip Man, as the protection unit of non-material cultural heritage of "Wing Chun, Ip Man Clan" constructed the memorial hall. Featured tall brick building wall, ancient exquisite wood carvings and brick carvings in bright colors, the memorial hall are supposed to be divided into five divisions at its first exhibition: Si Yuan Hall, Ye Gong Hall, Tao Li Hall, Wing Chun Today and Qin Si Pavilion. In addition, there are video hall and Yip Man’s former residence reconstruction scene area.


Add: LianXin Village, LuoCun Town, ShiShan, NanHai,Foashan
Tel: 0757-86431996
Ticket: Free
Opening time: Open time: 09:00—12:00, 14:00—17:30 Tuesday — Sunday





Source: 佛山市南海区文化体育局