The "2017 Wong Fei-hung Cup" Lion Dance in Xiqiao Mountain

Foshan China 2017-04-17

The 2017 Wong Fei-hung Cup South and North Lion Dance competition and water double-lion dance challenge will be held in Tianhu Park (天湖公园), Xiqiao Mountain from April 29 to 30. There will be 19 lion dance teams from all over the nation, attending the game to compete for the “throne” of South Lion King, North Lion King and Water Lion King.


This year the competition puts emphasis on the cultural experience of lion dancing. During the two days, there will be a series of lion dance carnival, including artistic performances, Cantonese gourmet fair, lion head color-painting and lion dance sand painting. It is recommended that visitors can enjoy the Labor Day vacation in Xiqiao Mountain, watching lion dance contests, playing games and winning prizes.


After a decade of successive organization and innovation, the Xiqiao Mountain “Wong Fei-hung Cup” lion dance challenge has become a national sport event that attracts the most audience with the largest scale and highest level among all national lion dancing competitions.


19 teams to compete for the name of “Lion King”
There will be 19 lion dance teams from all around the nation to compete in Xiqiao Mountain on April 29 and the finals will be held on the next day. The competition includes three types of games, high-pile South lion dancing on land, North lion dancing on land and water double-lion dancing .


The high-pile South lion dancing on land requires difficult South martial movements when flying over the piles and jumping on the piles. The North lion dancing on land combines dancing and music together, which requires competitors to finish movements including jumping, rolling and climbing on the stairs and etc. accompanied by music. The water double-lion dancing is an exclusively original south lion dancing game by Xiqiao Mountain, which is also the most difficult and exciting lion dancing game.


Moreover, the 19 teams represent the highest level from each local place, and most have already won the champion of various contests for many times. As the competitiveness of each team is neck and neck, there must be terrific lion dancing performances for visitors.

Source:珠江时报 Pearl River Times