British Actress Zara Phythian learned Wing Chun in Foshan 2017-06-23

On June 20, chairman of British Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association, Samuel Kowk brought his pupil, British actress Zara Phythian back to Ip Man Hall in Foshan Ancestral Temple and finished the ceremony of officially being a pupil of Kowk’s.


(Samuel Kwok and Zara Phythian)


Samuel Kowk was sitting upright in front of the bronze statue of Ip Man, and Zara Phythian was doing the nine knocking courtesy to Kowk. Kowk elaborated the spirit of Kung Fu to Phythian in English, and then Phythian gave the cup of tea and red packet to Kowk. After Kowk finished drinking the tea, the ceremony was finally completed.


(Samuel Kwok and Zara Phythian)


"The reason for choosing Ip Man Hall as the location for the ceremony is that firstly we would like to see the Master of Wing Chun, and secondly it is a good opportunity to instill the spirit of Chinese Kung Fu to the pupil," said Kowk.


As the pupil of Kowk, this is Phythian’s first time to come to Foshan. “Foshan is a birthplace of Kung Fu, which is also a city of prosperity. I can feel the heavy atmosphere of Kung Fu culture here,” said Phythian.


Zara Phythian is known for her work on films including Dr. Strange.