World Kung-fu City: 1,018 Wing Chun players battle in Foshan

Foshan China 2017-08-21

The opening ceremony of the fourth National Wing Chun Competition (2017) and South China Qualification Trials was held in Shishan Gymnasium, Nanhai, Foshan on August 18. Totally 1,018 Wing Chun players from Wing Chun martial art clubs in the Pearl River Delta area, Hong Kong and Macao signed up for the qualification trials. It was a grand battle for Wing Chun masters in South China area.


Building World Kung-fu City


Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has successfully held three world Wing Chun competitions respectively in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Thousands of players from all over the world participated in the competitions.


In order to inherit the spirit and culture of Wing Chun, the National Wing Chun Competition held every two years is now changed to be held every year. In September, there will be mass auditions set in East China, Southwest China, North China and even overseas areas (Australia, Germany, France, America, England and Switzerland). All contestants have to pass qualification trials before entering into the final competition in November.


Opening ceremony of the competition


Qualification trials


The jury of South China qualification trials was composed of experienced Wing Chun masters from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. They were from different schools of Wing Chun. 


Contestants show the spirit of Wing Chun


During the youth mook jong competition, He Zhixiong from Guos Wing Chun Club won the golden prize. I have studied Wing Chun since third grade and practiced it every morning and evening. He said.


He Zhixiong in the youth mook jong competition


"Wing Chun is a kind of comprehensive martial art, which can uplift spirit and enhance focus and bearing capacity. Children can benefit from Wing Chun. We think of it as an encouragement of children instead of paying attention to ranking. Guo Weiqiang, the coach of He Zhixiong introduced.


The jury is rating at the scene.


Ms. Chen came from Zhaoqing to watch the competition.


Create World Wing Chun Culture Exchange Center


The martial art culture of Foshan has a long history and profound humanity accumulation. It is of great significance in the development of Chinese martial art history. Masters like Ip Man and Bruce Lee are famous around the world.


Bruce Lee and Ip Man


Oriented as World Wing Chun Culture Exchange Center, Foshan will spare no efforts to build a communication bridge for Wing Chun lovers across the world and promote the culture of Wing Chun.