Foshan Martial Art Group performs overseas for LA’s successful bid for Olympics

Foshan Daily 2017-09-14

Photo from Foshan Daily

Foshan Martial Art Group was invited to give performance for the successful bid for 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles from September 8 to 16.


There were 12 members in the group, which was led by Gan Jiakang, the chairman of Foshan Fighting Martial Art Association and trained by Huang Weihua, a teacher from Foshan Wong Fei-hung International Martial Art School. Other members were students from the school. They were invited by the National Association of Chinese-Americans (Southern California), Chinese American Community, ChineseInLA Volunteer Group to give performance on the special activity for celebrating the successful bid for 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.


Huang Weihua introduced that Foshan Martial Art Group have performed in Arcadia High School in the evening of Sept. 10, combining multiple martial arts of the southern and northern genres. Besides showing southern Kung-fu like Foshan boxing, it also brought northern Shaolin Kung-fu such as Shaolin Hard Qigong, Shaolin Elephant-shaped Kick and so on, which showed the profound Chinese martial art to local audience. All of 1,100 seats were taken by people and the activity was very popular.


Ma Shurong, the chairman of Chinese American Community said that the successful performance was of great significance. He mentioned that as Guangdong is the village of many overseas Chinese people, they are familiar with Foshan Martial Art Group. Foshan is the village of martial art with many famous martial art masters such as Wong Fei-hung, Ip Man, etc. He believed that this activity would promote the cultural communication between China and America, letting American people know the true Chinese martial art culture.



Photo from US News Express, taken by Liu Zongying