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Characteristic Industry
As a famous manufacturing city, Foshan has flourishing economy and strong industrial basis. Different fields of industries play an important role in the development of the city.
  • Overview of Foshan Industry

    In the past five years, Foshan has been boosting the transformation and upgrading of industry which is continuously improving its comprehensive economic strength.

  • Furniture industry

    Furniture industry is a traditional and featured industry in Foshan.

  • Food and Beverage Industry

    Food and beverage products industry is a traditional special advantageous industry in Foshan.

  • plastic products industry

    the plastic products industry has developed into industrial production system of a considerable scale and a certain level.

  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry

    The chemical industry of Foshan is mainly in downstream industry, whose products are mainly pitch, coating(architectural coating, woodenware paint), textile auxiliaries modified starch, adhesive and etc.

  • Equipment Manufacturing Industry

    Equipment manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries in Foshan. Equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan takes middle-light professional machinery as the advantage.

  • Household Appliance Industry

    Foshan is the most important household appliance industry base in mainland China and the industry scale ranks the first in China and at the forefront in the globe.

  • Ceramics building materials industry

    Foshan possesses the biggest ceramics industry cluster area with the most complete industry chain nationwide.

  • Electronic information industry

    Electronic information industry has been one of the pillar industry in Foshan.

  • Textile and clothing industry

    Textile and clothing industry is the traditional pillar industry of Foshan and the variety and industry chain are complete.

  • Made In China Forum 2019 provides “Foshan Strategy” for the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry

    Made In China Forum 2019 opened in Foshan on January 12th.


  • RAF cooperates with a new partner to serve local companies on upgrading and transformation

    Robotation Academy Foshan will link inernational high-quality resources and create excellent teams.


  • Sino-European cooperation starts a new journey in Foshan

    On Sept. 13, the 2017 China (Guangdong)-Europe Investment and Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Foshan.


  • Foshan builds Big Data Industrial Park and Hydrogen Vehicle Manufacturing Base in Nanhai

    Foshan Nanhai will join hands with Alibaba and Tencent to promote innovative application of big data and industrial Internet.


  • Aging trend! Foshan senior living market attracts international enterprises

    Greenland Group and Starcastle signed a cooperation agreement on June 1.


  • 180 foreigners in Nanhai have expert certificate and most prefer auto industry

    In recent years, more and more foreigners are looking for jobs and opportunities in China.


  • "Foshan ceramics street” appeared in Beijing

    In Beijing,ceramics, household appliances made in Foshan play an important role in local people’s daily life.