Textile and clothing industry

Foshan China 2017-05-05

Textile and clothing industry is the traditional pillar industry of Foshan. The variety and industry chain of Foshan textile ad clothing industry are relatively complete, producing from yarn, knitted fabric, woven fabric, warp knitting, dyeing and finishing gauze, chemical fabric, all kinds of clothes, shoes, hats and stockings to textile machines (rapier loom, air-jet loom, circular knitting machine and trademark machine). And it forms certain industry base and scale in multiple products such as shell fabric, knitting, denim, childrens garment, stockings, and underwear. Industrial cluster is well developed with a batch of professional markets including Guangdong Xiqiao Textile City, Yanbu Underwear City, Zhangcha Knitting City and Huanshi Childrens Garment City, seven Guangdong textile and clothing special towns and one county-level industrial base.


Foshan textile and clothing industry will place its focus on developing high count yarn, combed yarn, jointless yarn and multi-fiber blending high-end yarn, produce all kinds of high-class textile products with new spinning and weaving technology, design and produce shell fabric (high-class shell fabric, yarn-dyed cloth, denim and knitting fabric, cotton and cotton blending fabric), ecological textile, detection and test instruments used in production by textile, clothing and textile machine enterprises, special printing and shell fabric (dyeing organized fabric, functional printing and dyeing fabric, environmental protection printing and dyeing fabric), and high-class clothes produced by computer integration manufacturing system. Foshan textile and clothing industry will also produce series of products including suits, fashion clothes, shirts, leisure wear and childrens garment with high additional value and personalized, fashionable and artistic clothing products. The Canton gambiered gauze will be produced in large scale.


Source: Invest Foshan

Photo: Foshan Daily