Electronic information industry

Foshan China 2017-05-09

Electronic information industry has been one of the pillar industry in Foshan. Product structure mainly focus on 6 areas including computer communication, electronic components series, optical information storage, consumer electronics series, automotive electronics, software series. Famous enterprises such as Taiwan Hon Hai Group, Chi Mei Optoelectronics and MiTAC International corporation invest on production bases of digital camera, LCD module and computers.


Foshan electronic information industry will focus on digital home, integrated circuit, Internet of Things, RFID, electrommunication, software and etc to build a modern base of information and technology. Foshan will adapt to the integration trend of 3C (Computer, communication, Consumer electronics), grasp the historic opportunity of industrial transfer of global IC (integrated circuit), prioritize the integrated circuit, communication, computer and automotive electronics, speed up the R&D  of digital auto-visual technology and expand the capacity of consumer electronics such as digital home.


Source: Invest Foshan

Photo: Official website of Taiwan Hon Hai Group