Ceramics building materials industry

Foshan China 2017-05-09

Ceramics is a traditional and dominant industry in Foshan. Foshan possesses the biggest ceramics industry cluster area with the most complete industry chain nationwide. Architectural ceramics and sanitary ceramics respectively take up 40% and 16% of the nation, while 25% and 5% in the world. There are many famous brands in ceramics industry in Foshan, including Dong Peng ceramics, Eagle ceramics, Xin Zhong Yuan ceramics, Newpearl ceramics, Kito ceramics, Monalisa ceramics, Oceano ceramics and Bode ceramics.


Foshan owns the crucial technology of dealing with the industrial waste,  urban garbage, and of innocent treatment of sludge and processing resource,  and it also possesses the production technology of of high-tech ceramics including industrial ceramics and special ceramics. Foshan has been devoting to developing the high-end architectural and sanitary ceramics with low-carbon, energy and material saving technology, arts and crafts ceramics, special ceramics, high grade sanitary ware, ceramics equipment and ceramics glaze.


Source: Invest Foshan

Photo: Official website of Dong Peng Ceramics