chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Foshan China 2017-05-10

The chemical industry of Foshan is mainly in downstream industry, whose products are mainly pitch, coating(architectural coating, woodenware paint), textile auxiliaries modified starch, adhesive and etc. Which have quite high market share in Guangdong Province even in China. So far, Foshan has a batch of famous enterprises including Dymatic, Huarun, Maydos and etc.


The chemical industry in Foshan will focus on the development of fine chemical products and advanced chemical material; develop local characteristic chemical industry and sophisticated chemical products by intensive processing and comprehensive utilization of the abundant down-stream products. In term of chemical advanced materials, the chemical industry in Foshan will give priority to developing ethylene processed products, organic composites, functional polymer materials, organo silicon materials and inorganic nano-materials.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, especially traditional Chinese medicine industry is one of the advantageous industries. There are nearly one hundred pharmacy stores during the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, of which are 30  century-old stores. Foshan is the hometown of the best-known Chinese medicine like Po Chai Pills, Babao Ruyi Oil. And some Chinese medicine sold in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and even as far as south-east Asia, America originate from Foshan. Foshan gives key supports to the research and development of new medicine with self-owned intellectual property right, or the imitation of those with good market prospect and the patients close to expiring or has been expiring; encourage the development of modern Chinese medicine products, gives supports to the modernization construction of Chinese patent medicine.

source: Invest Foshan

written: Shirley