plastic products industry

Foshan China 2017-05-10

 At present, the plastic products industry has developed into industrial production system of a considerable scale and a certain level, forming a products structural system of plastic packaging materials, plastic constructional materials, agricultural and industrial supporting plastic materials, household plastic products, artificial leather, synthetic leather and color printing and etc, creating a batch of famous enterprises including FSPG Hi-Tech Co Ltd, DuPont Hongji Films Foshan Co Ltd, Southern Packaging Group Limited, and Guangdong Xiongsu Technology Develpoment Co., Ltd. 

 Guangdong Xiongsu Technology Develpoment Co., Ltd. 


The development and application of special plastic film is the key of plastic products industries of Foshan, like lithium-ion battery separator, polarizing film, breathable film, and EVA solar battery packaging film and other electrician membrane technologies.