Food and Beverage Industry

Foshan China 2017-05-10

Food and beverage products industry is a traditional special advantageous industry in Foshan. This industry mainly produces seasoning, soft drink, rice wine, beer, fish can and fodder and occupies an advantage position in China. The leading enterprises are Coca Cola,Red Bull,Haitian Flavoring, Jianlibao, Shunde  Winery, Jiujiang Guangdong distillery, Taiji Winery, Ganzhu can, Yuehua can, Budweiser beerSan Minquel beer,  Qingdao beer, Yanjing beer, Kingway beer, Yili milk and etc. Foshan is also the largest production base of rice wine; the largest production base of soy source and flavoring;and the largest expert base of roasted ell


Haitian Flavoring

Food and beverage products industry of Foshan will make critical development of high-grade soy source, high-grade oyster source, compound flavoring,juice drinks, tea drinks, functional and sports drinks, high-grade wine, beer, cakes or cookies of low-sugar and low- flat. 

source: Invest Foshan

written: shirley