Furniture industry

Foshan China 2017-05-12

Furniture industry is a traditional and featured industry in Foshan. Currently it has formed a comprehensive industrial chain from raw material, wood-working machine, furniture coating and furniture manufacturing to sales and circulation, furniture exhibition and after-sale service. Foshan has become a significant production base for furniture in China and its output accounts for 1/10 in china, which is the worlds famous sales base, the nations biggest production and distribution base for furniture raw and auxiliary material and biggest production base of wood-working machine and furniture lacquer. Main products are solid wood furniture, plate fitment, upholstered furniture, metal furniture and cane furniture.


Foshan furniture industry will focus on the development of green furniture technology and personalized design and application. Besides, Foshan furniture enterprises also apply the virtual manufacturing technology and green furniture coating technology to furniture design.

Source: Invest Foshan