180 foreigners in Nanhai have expert certificate and most prefer auto industry

Southcn.com 2017-05-27

Go to China! In recent years, more and more foreigners are looking for jobs and opportunities in China. Statistics show that there are more than 900,000 foreigners who have worked in mainland China in 2016. And from 2012 to 2016, 180 foreigners have applied for Foreign Expert Certificate in Nanhai.


So where are these foreign experts working in Nanhai and what industry are they working for? What attracts them to come here? And what makes them stay? Let us have a look.


Nanhai Qiandenghu Lake business circle


Foreign experts prefer auto industry


Firstly, let us do some simple analysis of the foreign experts distribution.


Divided in nationality, they mainly come from Japan, Germany, Italy, America, Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions. Most of the experts, 35 people, are from Germany and 98 are from Japan, which makes up about three fourths of the total number.


In terms of industry distribution, 90% of these foreign experts work in automobile manufacturing and automobile accessory. 1% of them are occupied in service industry.


Besides, according to statistics provided by Nanhai District Education Bureau, most of foreign teachers are looking for jobs in the east of Nanhai. Until last November, there were 84 foreign teachers in Nanhai, among who 77 were working in Nanhai private schools, reaching a percentage of 91.7%.


Teachers in the east and technicians in the center of Nanhai become a common phenomenon of foreigners working and living in Nanhai.


Reasons for preference: Nanhai auto accessory industry has business opportunities


More than 20 Fortune Global 500 have invested 38 projects in Nanhai till the end of 2016. Among these projects, the secondary industry and manufacturing industry enterprises are in majority and about 80% of them relate to auto accessory.


Well-developed automobile manufacturing and auto accessory industry make Nanhai a perfect land for global advanced technology, equipment and talents.




Thomas is the director of production management department in Foshan FAW-Volkswagen and came to Nanhai one year and a half ago. He thought that as a Sino-German joint auto company, Foshan FAW-Volkswagen continues the exquisite auto manufacturing technique and production system of Germany.


There have been 92 Japanese enterprises in Nanhai till last November with a total investment of over $1.88 billion, including industry giants like Honda, Toyota, Aisin Seiki and so on.


Besides, represented by Qiandenghu Lake business circle in Guicheng , lots of international giants such as Google, KMPG, HSBC, Capgemini and AIA are introduced to Nanhai in recent years, which shows that Nanhai producer service is catching the eyes of the world.


In March this year, Guicheng put forward a goal of building a Pearl River Delta modern producer service cluster area that integrated with the new development layout of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In the next five years, it will bring in 20 Fortune Global 500 companies and 100 internationally famous service enterprises.


With opportunities and culture, foreign experts fall in love with Nanhai


One of the reasons that make foreign experts stay is the openness and culture of Nanhai.


Thomas is the director of production management department in Foshan FAW-Volkswagen.


When talking about the life in Nanhai, Thomas said,  I love the historical culture here. Compared with other countries, the developing speed of China is astonishing. For foreigners, the most amazing thing I feel is that it preserves the original appearance of old buildings and integrates new elements. I can see the rapid social development on the basis of old city.


Besides rich history, local gourmet also attracts him. He gives his thumbs up at double layered milk custard, sampan congee, turbot, hot pot, oyster and all the other gourmet.


"It is a friendly and inclusive city. With the improving industrial and economic level, more foreigners will participate in building this beautiful city. Thomas said.