Aging trend! Foshan senior living market attracts international enterprises 2017-06-02


Greenland Group and Starcastle (Shanghai) Investment and Consulting Co Ltd, an international nursing institution for the aged signed a cooperation agreement on June 1. They planned to build the first Guangdong senior living project in Chancheng and will start operation before November this year.


Chancheng enters into high-level aging society


According to statistics, there are 12.78 million elderly people over the age of 60 in Guangdong, taking up 14.2% of the total registered population. Compared with that, the average aging level of Foshan is higher than that of Guangdong. Until 2013, there were 624.7 thousand of elderly people in Foshan, which takes up 16.37% of Foshan registered population.


Tang Shuangxi, deputy director of Chancheng District introduced that Chancheng has entered into the high-level aging society. Up to 2016, there were 126 thousand people over the age of 60 in Chancheng District, taking up 20% of district registered population. And there were 87 thousand people over 65 years old, which takes up 13.7%.


With this background, the number of Foshan Chancheng senior nursing institutions grows rapidly. So far, there are 15 senior nursing homes in Chancheng District, among which 11 are private institutions, taking up a high percentage of 73.3%.


Besides, the social capital input on senior living industry is also increasing. 6 private senior nursing institutions are set up with 1,400 new beds, doubling the number of beds.


Foshan becomes the strategic land for senior living market


"For both Starcastle and Greenland Group, this is our first senior living project in Guangdong. Chen Zhihua, vice president of Greenland Group said that both parties had done a lot of research in many cities in Guangdong, and the results showed that Foshan had a higher acceptance degree for international senior living on methods and charging modes.


In fact, so far many national housing enterprises have started to get into senior living industry, but there is no sophisticated and reproducible mode in China. Compared with domestic market, foreign senior living market is more sophisticated, especially the American one.


"We never outsource the service of every link so that we can control the quality of all links. Lily Donohue, CEO of Starcastle noted that distinguished from other senior living institutions, Starcastle provides all-chain service, from healthy elderly people taking care of themselves to retirement and even to hospice care.


The senior living community developed jointly by Greenland and Starcastle is located in Greenland Future City, Zhangcha, Chancheng, Foshan with a construction area of about 23,470 square meters, which can contain 269 elderly people.