Hai Shou Island

Foshan China 2017-05-02

Hai Shou Island, located in the XiJiang River between JiuJiang and HeShan, deserves the name of xanadu. Winding country roads are silently on the edge of the pond, Shadow of green trees are reflected on the pavement, Occasionally, a dog’s bark from a distance, birds tweet mixed with children's laughter and neighborhood conversation, comprise the melody of idyll. Houses on the island, with primitive simplicity style and unified layout ,were mostly built in eighties of last century. Natural ferry,cross boat, breeze, water, sunset glow in XiJiang river, the riding greenway, pleasant purchase of local agricultural products...you are sure to feel the pulse of nature here away from the hustle and bustle of cities.


Add: Haishou village, Jiujiang, Nanhai, Foshan
Tel: 0757-86551660
Free ticket
Opening time: the whole day
Traffic info: Self-drive to Jiujiang town goverment building, then by ship on Haishou pier Ship runs every half an hour






Source: 佛山市南海区文化体育局