The century-old Xiaotang train station in Shishan, Nanhai

Foshan China 2017-04-14


A passenger trains is roaring past Xiaotang Station in Shishan. Although passenger trains no more stop at Xiaotang Station, the stuff still is on duty. (Photo by Zhang Hongtao/Foshan Daily)


Xiaotang train station used to crowded and lively. As for the old residents in Xiaotang, these pictures record the heyday of Xiaotang train station.


 (Xiaotang train station in 1982)


 (Lots of people and vehicles would be going past the railway every day in 2009.)


 (Xiaotang train station open to traffic)



A businessman called Fan Bichen (范弼臣) from Shishan called for the construction of Guangzhou-Sanshui Railway in 1898.



(the unique architecture style of Xiaotang train station)


The railway was open to traffic in 1903 starting from Shiweitang, Guangzhou to Hekou, Sanshui with a total length of 48.9 kilometers and passing by Xiaotang. Xiaotang train station was built at that time.


 (the station building of Xiaotang train station)


 (A passenger train is roaring past Xiaotang station.)


(The locomotive is passing past Xiaotang station.)


 (The warning sign at the platform.)


 (The irregular granite external wall is telling the unique history here.)


 (a station building in Xiaotang station)


 (A quiet path near Xiaotang station is full of Banyan fruits.)


The interchange junction of Guangzhou-Maoming railway at Xiaotang Daokou was put into operation on Aug. 1, 2016, which marked the end of the block caused by running trains within the district in Xiaotang.



 (This scene has become a part of history. Photo by Wang Weinan)



This century-old train station has already say farewell to its heyday. As for Xiaotang, this station has witnessed the development here. As for the old residents, this station is a symbol for their age.



Source: 视觉佛山