260,000 square meters of waterfront park is planned in Chancheng

Foshan China 2019-01-24

A new waterfront park is about to be built around the dock of Foshan New Port, lining up with the space of Shiwan Wetland Park and Fishing Village Cultural Park. Covering about 260,000 square meters, the size of this park is equivalent to 36 standardized football fields!


On Jan. 23rd, Chancheng District government launched a media briefing at which the upgrading project of Foshan New Port and its surroundings was unveiled. Here are the details about the project.


To promote ecological civilization construction and speed up the process of high-quality forest city in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, based on urban form promotion and urban central axis planning, the project aims to build an ecological corridor around Dongping River. Chancheng will take Foshan New Port and its surroundings as one of the major projects in promoting the urban form of central urban area.


The Dongping River Wetland Park on the east of the Foshan New Port was completed in 2015. Formerly regarded as a flat wetland with 108,000 square meters, stretching from north shore of Dongping River to Mingdou Water Gate, it is now a leisure place for people to enjoy flowers and learn more about ecology.


The Fishing Village Cultural Park on the west side of Foshan New Port completed its construction at the end of 2017. With an area of 28,000 square meters, the park has remained the piscatorial characteristics intact by reserving some old fishermen houses and distinctive memorial archways. Based on the previous fishing heritages and historical sites, the park is further developed into a characteristic ‘urban fishing village’ with complete park facilities where people can enjoy their leisure time.


The area between those two parks on the site of Foshan New Port as mentioned above is regarded as ecological space and non-construction space. In other words, it is attributed as green space in reference to Foshan Central City Three-in-one planning (2016-2020)’.


In an attempt to enhance urban morphology, Chancheng government plans to launch new project in 2019 on developing and upgrading Foshan New Port and its surrounding area. Currently, the government is working on conceptual design which will combine the existing project accomplishments of Dongping River Fishing Village Cultural Park as well as those of Dongping River Shiwan Wetland to form an ecological space of ‘three parks unification’.


The renovation of Foshan New Port is of great significance in city development.


For one thing, Foshan New Port is situated along the bank of Dongping River. Along the Dongping River, there are abundant resources, convenient transportation and refined facilities, which is the convergence of regional ecology, local landscape and culture. Therefore, the renovation of Foshan New Port will reshape a distinctive waterfront landscape which emphasizes ecological preservation.


For another, the project is designed to promote and explore the history and culture of the port with the idea of reactivating former building, remaining the regional-featured architectures, and rebuilding the historical space.

Therefore, the renovation of Foshan New Port is in its effort to demonstrate the highlights and characteristics of Foshan.


The project tactfully makes full use of the existing architectures, containers and industrial sites at the port and transforms the port into a public leisure venue focusing on ecological remediation, creating a unique green waterfront landscape.


After the unification, the park will cover around 260,000 square meters. As it links up both sides of Dongping River, it is rendered with a colorful and picturesque landscape in central city area of Foshan, which will provide ecological support for high-quality city development.


It is acknowledged that Foshan New Port Co Ltd has signed an outline agreement with Chencheng government. It is agreed that the acquisition would be completed by the end of the first half of 2019.