Past and present of Xiqiao mountain

Foshan China 2017-04-11


No matter how the world changes, there must be some mountains, rivers and villages remaining their original names. They are interesting, century-old, or bearing the profound history of a land.



Xiqiao mountain is one of the famed mountains with a long history in Nanhai Foshan. In ancient times, Pearl River Delta area takes Guangzhou as its center, and Guangzhou people named the mountain in the east “Dongqiao”, and the mountain in southwest was named “Xiqiao”, which is the Xiqiao mountain nowadays. When talking about culture, Xiqiao mountain ranks first on the list.


In the cretaceous period that dates back to 47.5 million years ago, there was a volcano eruption on the side of Nanhai of the Pearl River port. The magma came out of the volcano formed today’s Xiqiao mountain under the effect of tsunami. Later, magma erupted from the mountain for several times and shaped the mountain groups which looked like lotus.



The alluvial plain formed in the Pearl River Delta area and water receded. Therefore, Xiqiao mountain changed to a mountain and there started to be flourishing trees and grass and with animals and birds inhabiting in it.


Early connection between Kuan-yin and Xiqiao mountain



Xiqiao mountain is distinctive in its religious culture. It not only takes Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism as its features, but also is famous for the Kuan-yin culture. It was said that Kuan-yin had emerged here and saved people from sufferings, so a Kuan-yin statue was built here to memorize her. The Kuan-yin is 61.9 meters tall and it seems to guard Nanhai below it at every moment.



There is a cultural activity of “Kuan-yin Treasury Opening day” in Xiqiao mountain on every 26th day of the first lunar month, which indicates that people pray for good fortune and wealth in a new year. On that very day thousands of people from different regions will swarm here, taking golden keys in their hands and waiting in a queue to “borrow treasure from Kuan-yin”.

You can also go to Xiqiao mountain to pray for good fortune and have a taste of the vegetarian feast there at ordinary times.


A study room turned into a Taoism holy land



Taoism Yun Quan Fairy Pavilion that located at the foot of Xiqiao mountain was once an academy that dated back to Qian Long period in the Qing Dynasty (1777), which was named Gong Yu building for it was established by a Nanhai local Li Gongyu and it was a place for scholars to prepare for the imperial examination.



After the academy was changed to Yun Quan Fairy Pavilion, some Taoist priests started to carry out their practices there and made it one of the holy lands in Lingnan area to spread Taoist culture.



Da Xian Dan, a cultural activity to celebrate the birth of Lv Dongbin would be held on every 14th day of the 4th lunar month every year. There will be Da Xian cruise and temple fair, and trombone, gongs and drums and Taoism banners will appear on that day, showing a boisterous scene.



A historical village of 800 years and cultivate talents in a large number


  Xiqiao mountain is a famous tourism mountain and also a place of advocating knowledge. Song Tang village at the foot of Xiqiao mountain has been founded for nearly 800 years. Song Tang village owns intact architectures now and it has a strong atmosphere of study.