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Folk Activity
As the birthplace of Lingnan culture, all kinds of traditional folk activities are passed down from generation to generation, which are full of special meanings and carry Foshan people’s best wishes towards future and life.
  • The introduction of Foshan’s Autumn Color

    Foshan’s Autumn Color rooted in Liang Jin Dynasty, and prospered in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

  • Crossing Tongji Bridge

    Crossing Tongji Bridge on the Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, is a big New Year event for many Foshan residents.

  • The Sanyuesan Festival

    The Sanyuesan Festival is celebrated on the third day of the third lunar month.

  • Rowing dragon boat

    As Nanhai is located in a network of rivers in the Pearl River Delta, rowing dragon boat is a popular traditional folk custom.

  • Lion Dancing

    Having lion dancing celebrated with people on every festival and major event is a very typical Lingnan activity.

  • Xiqiao Kwan Yin Cultural Festival

    Xiqiao Kwan Yin Cultural Festival is a well-known event in Nanhai that celebrates folk belief.

  • Lettuce Party

    Lettuce party is a folk belief of the Han, which is popular in Guangzhou, Nanhai and Shunde regions on the 26th day of the first lunar month.

  • Shaofanta (Flame Tower)

    Shaofanta is a traditional folk custom in the Pearl River Delta marked during Mid-autumn Festival each year.

  • The Memorial Ceremony of Lu Dongbin

    The Memorial Ceremony of Lu Dongbin is celebrated on the 14th day of the 4th lunar month.

  • The Enlightenment Ceremony

    Being a great ritual of life, the Enlightenment Ceremony is held from May to August each year.

  • A visual feast of dragon boat in Foshan

    Foshan dragon boat is a pioneer in Guangdong and even in China.


  • The 586-year-old Yanbu dragon boat “wakes up”!

    In the morning of May 29, the annual Yanbu dragon boat awakening ceremony was held in Longchong Village, Yanbu Community.


  • The event of celebrating North Emperor’s birthday starts today!

    The event of celebrating North Emperor’s birthday which has a history of one hundred years grandly starts!


  • Foshan elements appear in London's Chinese New Year celebration

    Float with elaborate workmanship and colorful decorations is one of the highlights of this year's Chinese New Year celebration in London.


  • A number of wonderful folk activities will impress you in Foshan

    Where to the spend the Spring Festival in Lingnan area? Of course it’s the “national famous historical and cultural city " Foshan!


  • Chinese new year customs in Foshan

    So what are the customs of celebrating Chinese new year in Foshan? Let us have a look!


  • Foshan flower markets in 2018 Spring Festival

    Talking about celebrating new year in Foshan, strolling around flower market is one of the traditional customs.


  • More than 740,000 cross Tongji Bridge in Foshan on Lantern Festival

    On March 2, about 100 Chinese and foreign guests came to Foshan and attended the annual cultural event.