The Memorial Ceremony of Lu Dongbin

Foshan China 2017-05-02


A century-old traditional festival in Xiqiao, the Memorial Ceremony of Lu Dongbin is celebrated on the 14th day of the 4th lunar month.


Lu Dongbin is one of the eight gods. Many years ago, he came to the famous Lingnan mountains Luofu Mountain and Xqiao Mountain. Impressed by the beautiful scenery, he went hiking, stepping on the Luofu Mountain with his left foot and stepping on the Xiqiao Mountain with his right foot, which left a huge footprint near Yun Quan Xian Hall. He also slept for a while in Baiyun Cave, leaving a long and big shadow on the stone, which was called Gods Bed Stone. Since then, people will worship Lu Dongbin in the Baiyun Cave on that day to wish for a smooth and harvest year.


When the day comes each year, more than 100,000 people flock to Xqiao Mountain from far and wide, making the Guanshan District a busy and boisterous place.


Source:  佛山市南海区文化体育局