Celebrating the birth of Tapo, the original place of Foshan

Foshan China 2017-06-30

On June 29th, which is the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, there was a grand ceremony held in Tapo Community, Zumiao Street. It is the celebration of the birth of Foshan Tapo folk cultural activity with a theme of "A thousand years of Tapo, blessing for Foshan”!


As the old saying goes, “Tapo exists before Foshan”. Foshan was named after Tapo, so Tapo is called “the original place of Foshan”. It gathers many historical sites, including Tapo relics, Tapo well and Foshan Hongsheng Hall.


Three golden Buddhas sitting in the temple


Water worship: pour Tapo water taken from the well into the copper container, pass it by about 50 donors and place it on the main altar.


Leaders and honored guests are cutting the roasted pig together, wishing for a prosperous year.


People are washing hands with holy water flowing out of Tapo well taps, which means that Tapo water will always flow and good luck will never stop.