The big event of worshiping Kuan-yin was grandly held in Nanhai Dali

Foshan China 2017-07-13

The big event of worshiping Kuan-yin was held in Dali Nanhai yesterday (the 19th day of the sixth lunar month). There were wonderful performance of dragon and lion dance and unique vegetarian feast during the event. Lets see how bustling it was on the spot!


At 8 oclock in the morning, half an hour to the opening of the event, relatives and friends from different regions gathered in Huangs Ancestral Hall and welcomed this significant event in a year.


Everyone is looking forward to the parade of Kuan-yin.


Villagers carried the statues of their idol gods in the village including Kuan-yin, Sanniang (a female deity) and Zhenwu North Emperor which were seated on the bridal sedan chairs or seats.



The parade team came to Xinji village and many villagers showed their warm welcome.


Villagers dressed in ancient costumes

Apart from some neighborhoods and relatives from various areas, there was a special visitor, Paul, a guest from America. Pauls wife was locally from Pingdi, so he participated in this activity with his wife this year.

"Worshiping Kuan-yin is very interesting and its similar to the Virgin Tour of Catholicism. We should pass down this kind of culture. Paul said interestingly.


The performance of dragon and lion dance was so vivid that many people took out their cell phones to record the wonderful moment.


After a parade of more than 4 hours, the team finally returned to the Kuan-yin ancestral Hall. People worshiped Kuan-yin with incense and prayed for a smooth and peaceful year.


After the parade, visitors gathered together and tasted the vegetarian meal, which was highly complemented by villagers for its unique cuisine.


The event of worshiping Kuan-yin this year is held every four years and its a great event in Nanhai Dali. Its the third year to hold this event and its grander and more boisterous than that of the previous years. Huang Guanxun, chairman of the managing committee of Huangs Ancestral Hall expressed.


(Written by Eleanor)