Celebration of the birth of Confucius

Foshan China 2017-09-30

September 28 this year is the 2,568th birthday of Confucius. Foshan Ancestral Temple Museum held a grand worshiping ceremony and a series of memorial activities to celebrate this great man.


The solemn worshiping ceremony followed ancient worshiping rituals, placed customary sacrifice and performed traditional Six Yi Dance (a kind of dance to show good etiquette), which integrated into a large comprehensive ceremony of music, songs, dance and etiquette. The theme of this ceremony was morality and Manners.


Dressed in red Han Chinese Clothing, wearing Confucian headscarf and holding a long feather, a group of high school students were dancing along the elegant music.



Tens of primary students got on stage and read Confucian classics like The Analects of Confucius. Later, people burned incense for Confucius to express their respect.


There was also an opening ceremony of the Wenkui Pavilion and Sanyuan Pavilion. The Ancestral Temple greatly improves the inner landscapes so as to hold more Confucian culture activities in the future.




Photo: Huang Yinhua, Zhou Yunfeng, Yang Jian