10 activities in Foshan to brighten your golden holiday!

Foshan China 2017-09-30

The eight-day holiday of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon! What is your travel plan? Don’t worry, here is a collection of the best activities in Foshan to take part in during the golden week. Lion dance, dragon boat, gourmet......everything for fun!


2017 Shunde Gourmet Festival


From September 30 to October 4, “City of Gastronomy”——2017 Shunde (OCT) Gourmet Festival will be held in Desheng Square in Daliang, Shunde.


This year, the gourmet festival will gather all kinds of classic Shunde gourmet, including Double-layered Milk Custard, Lunjiao Cake, Chencun Vermicelli, Dongtou Roasted Pork, etc. Many traditional shops and restaurants will attend the festival. Besides, various exotic food from Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand and Vietnam can also be found there.


The 11th Gaoming Rice-Flour Noodle Festival


The 11th Gaoming Rice-Flour Noodle Festival was open in Yingxiang ecological Park on Sept. 29, and it will last till Oct. 8. You can enjoy the special rice-flour noodles and a series of featured programs.


Nanfeng Ancient Kiln


From October 1 to 8, there will be wonderful shows every day, such as live concert, lantern riddles, Wing-Chun performance, tie-dye experience, Chinese drum+tea art+pottery making performance, Cantonese opera, Longyao blessing ceremony, etc.


Ancestral Temple


1. Martial Arts (Special Program for National Day)

Time: Oct. 1-Oct.5 (10:30-11:30, 14:30-15:30)

Place: the central stage of the Ancestral Temple

Huo Zewen, head of Foshan Martial Art Club will perform together with his disciples. Audience can watch Tiger-Crane Double-Shaped Fist, Wing-Chun fighting and Si Men Stools.


2. Cantonese Opera

Time: Oct. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 (13:30-15:30)

Place: Wanfu Stage of the Ancestral Temple


3. Martial Arts & Lion Dance

Time: Oct. 1-Oct.5 (10:00-10:40, 13:30-14:10, 14:30-15:10, 15:30-16:10)

Place: Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall


The 2rd Kiu Kiang Dragon Boat Tournament



1. Traditional dragon boat 400-meter race (round trip)

2. Standard dragon boat 200-meter race (round trip)

Time: Oct.1 8:00-17:30

Place: Shangdong River, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District


Five-man Dragon Boat Race around Haishou Island


Time: Oct.1 10:00

Start/End: the West River section facing Haishou Village Committee


2017 “Wong Fei-hung Cup”: the 13th World Chinese Lion King Competition & Double lions on Water Challenge


Time: Oct.1-Oct.2

Place: Tianhu Park, Xiqiao Mountain

Feature: exciting scenes of south lion competitions on high poles and double lions on water competition!


The 5th Songtang Hanlin Cultural Festival


Time: Oct.1-Oct.4

Place: Songtang Village, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District

Feature: Worshiping ceremony, instrument performance, exhibition of intangible cultural heritages, Sinology lectures, cultural party, lantern riddles display and so on.


Shaofanta (Flame Tower)


Time: Oct. 3 (20:00-21:30) the igniting hour is 20:00 and audience can experience the activity in person with the instruction from staff.

Place: Fanta Square, Shangbo Community

*Click here to know more about Shaofanta


2017 Shunde Waterside Village Folk Cultural Festival


Time: Sept. 2-Oct.4

Place: Fengjian Village, Lingnan Culture & Art Exhibition Center, etc.

Feature: 11 different “dancing dragons” from Xingtan will be unveiled! They are national standard dragon, traditional large dragon, golden dragon, women’s national standard dragon, man-dragon dance, child dragon, stool dragon, flower dragon, incense dragon, gauze dragon and silver dragon.


Lotus Wonderland Mid-Autumn Festival Folk Lantern Cultural Festival


Time: Sept. 22-Oct. 22

Place: Lotus World, Sanshui District

Feature: The lantern festival is composed of 40 sets of lanterns, which are divided into four featured themes: Chinese dream, light of love, children’s fun park, and glowing light & colors.