Foshan Qiuse Parade grandly opens

Foshan China 2017-11-03

As Autumn approaching, Foshan Qiuse Parade is time to come to the stage. The traditional cultural event Foshan Qiuse Parade that has been held in Foshan for several years presents its charm again today! In this morning, the Autumn Festival Ceremony with a strong but unsophisticated sense of cultural atmosphere was grandly held in Ancestral Temple.

At 10:00 a.m, the Autumn Festival Ceremony is held in front of the Ancestral Temple Three Door and it has invited overseas friends and Chinese leaders, folk residents from HK and Macao and representatives from all sectors of society to the event, spreading and inheriting the North Emperor culture of blessing to the world.

Guard of honour entering the spot

Reading eulogy of Autumn Festival Ceremony

The guard of honour entering the spot,offering ceremony,lighting ceremony, reading eulogy of Autumn Festival Ceremony, drink offering ceremony, worshiping the North Emperor, holding the golden pig ritual and etc., such activities being processed within half an hour has presented a real version of crossing the big drama to Foshan citizens.

After the ceremony, there is a thanksgiving performance at Wan Futai, which shows many typical Guangdong Opera from famous performers of Foshan Cantonese Opera Academy.

The old man in the crowd shows great expectation to the Autumn Festival Ceremony. Coming to Foshan from Guangzhou, its the first time for Mr.Yang to witness such a grand folk activity. Im a director, Foshan can provide me a lot of cultural materials! Mr. Yang said with a smile.


Santiago from Spain and his friends visit the Autumn Festival together. They like Foshan very much and they think Foshan is a city embraced with rich traditional culture, which is the reason why they chose to work in Foshan. I heard that the qiuse parade tonight will be very wonderful, we are all looking forward to it! Santiago said excitedly.


During the event, there are also 38 provincial cultural heritage projects presenting in Lingnan Tiandi. Different kinds of projects such as gold and silver bronze, kites and bird cages, wood-weaving products, lion heads and etc. will definitely bright your eyes. 50 overseas students from Guangdong Neusoft Institute made a special trip to Lingnan Tiandi to experience Foshans unique culture and feel the charm of Foshans intangible heritage culture.


The 50 students are mainly from 17 countries including Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Uganda and so on. Some of them are students who had just entered school in September this year. Although its only two months that I have come to Foshan, I have been accustomed to the life style and food here. I just cant wait to experience this grand cultural event now. Caio from Brazil said enthusiastically.


Every student was curious when they are visiting the intangible cultural heritage. Fatma from Albania said that she has been in Foshan for 3 years, but this is the first time for her to witness such a unique cultural display.


The students in the photo are inquiring the staff about the making method of gold foil forging.


From today on, there are also other important plays showing on the stage including  Qiuse Parade and so on. On Nov.01, 8 colorful floats have been completed and ready for the parade. As a major part of this folk culture activities, Qiuse Parade is held at 20:00 on Nov.3 . The colorful floats will be highlights of the event. In this year, in addition to floats that implies Foshan Rhythm and “Colorful Autumn Scenery”, there are also floats integrated with modern elements made by Foshan Folk Art Research Society with themes of  Celebrating the 19th National Congress of CPC, Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing, Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area and etc.


Let's have a review of the wonderful moment of tonight's qiuse parade:



As the most special traditional folk custom entertainment in south China, Foshan’s Autumn Color (Qiuse Parade) is building a bridge to show the image of a city and its a way to arouse peoples identity of native culture and show Foshans rich traditional culture by displaying different kinds of folk ceremony.


(Written by Eleanor)