More than 740,000 cross Tongji Bridge in Foshan on Lantern Festival

Foshan China 2018-03-03


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“Crossing Tongji Bridge, troubles go away!” In Foshan, on every 15th and 16th day of the first lunar month, many people will cross Tongji Bridge from north to south with pinwheels, bells and lettuce to wish for a smooth year. This tradition that has lasted for more than 200 years can date back to the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty.



Today (March 2nd), about 100 Chinese and foreign guests came to Foshan and attended the annual cultural event Crossing Tongji Bridge, feeling the long-standing Lingnan cultural charm of Foshan. In the crowd, holding pinwheels that means good luck and lettuce that implies making money, Chinese and foreign guests formed a group and cheered out the slogan crossing Tongji Bridge, troubles go away, enjoying a special folk cultural feast and witnessing the development of Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city in China.


Chinese and foreign guests are crossing Tongji Bridge.


Lee Parker is an entrepreneur from London who runs a factory in Dongguan. This was the fifth time for him to cross Tongji Bridge and he was particularly keen on this city. After taking part in the event for 5 years consecutively, Lee Parker was most impressed by the atmosphere that reflects the unity and enthusiasm of Foshan people.


Mr. and Mrs. Britcher


Foshan has a cultural flair! Mr. and Mrs. Britcher are a couple who have come to Foshan for the second time. "We visited some places in Foshan, such as the Ancestral Temple, and it was amazing! The people here are friendly and the atmosphere is terrific." About one year and a half ago, they came to Foshan to watch football matches and learn how to make dumplings, experiencing special Lingnan culture.


Sandra(middle) and her friends


Crossing Tongji Bridge feels good! Sandra from Lebanon said. She said she would like to come here next year with her friends.




In Guangdong Foshan, this tradition is infused with new connotations and the warmth of charity. In the morning of March 2,  Foshan in Warm Love, Charitable Cultural Parade" series of activities were held. The bustling scene made Tongji Bridge turn into a sea of love and joy.




With its unique charm, Crossing Tongji Bridge, a folk cultural activity in which the whole city participates, has not only attracted more and more Chinese and foreign friends to experience Foshan's unique Lingnan culture, but also sent Foshan culture to other places, which will polish the brand of Foshan's traditional culture and build a bridge of friendship.