Foshan flower markets in 2018 Spring Festival

Foshan News 2018-02-06

2018 Spring Festival is coming! Talking about celebrating new year in Foshan, strolling around flower market is one of the traditional customs. Flower market is originated from four ancient towns, Sui (Guangzhou), Fo (Foshan), Chen (Shunde Chencun) and Long (Dongguan Shilong). The meaning of strolling around flower market at Chinese New Year’s Eve is to “sell laziness and encourage diligence”. As the rhyme goes, “sell laziness, sell laziness, sell it till the New Year’s Eve.” Flower market often opens about 10 days before the Spring Festival and ends at 12:00 pm on the last lunar day. New Year’s Eve is the high tide of the event.



In the past, flower market mainly sells flowers. Later, more and more new elements are added into the event, such as shopping for new year, watching shows, playing games, tasting gourmet, etc. When it comes to buying flowers, meaning does matter. Peach blossom means good luck in love, kumquat symbolizes luck and fortune, narcissus refers to richness and honor, lucky bamboo and money tree tell the hope for a wealthy new year......It is a special experience for families and friends to stroll around flower market together and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


Now, let us introduce four Spring Festival flower markets in Foshan this year. Which one of them is your favorite?


Chancheng: time-travel experience

With a theme of time travelling back to ancient times to celebrate Spring Festival, 2018 “TAO Park” Spring Festival Flower Market will be held from Feb. 9th to 15th in Foshan Creative Industrial Park.

The flower market will be divided into two sections to sell chrysanthemum, narcissus, peony, begonia, butterfly orchid, kumquats and so on. Besides beautiful flowers, there will also be all kinds of traditional goods for new year!


Meanwhile, people can taste traditional gourmet here! Fried dumplings, rice cakes, sweet dumplings, Jian Dui......


Watch royal performances, acrobatics, magic show, classical dance, talent competition and Chinese shadow puppetry. Enjoy a treat for your eyes!


Nanhai: flower market on the water

From Feb. 10th to 15th, Lishui 2018 Lingnan Spring Festival Watery Flower Market will be held in Meng Li Shui Xiang for 5.5 days! Beautiful flowers, picturesque scenery, various goods, fun games and yummy food are waiting for you!

Flower market on the water is new to a lot of people. There will also be a port opening ceremony full of characteristics of a waterside village!


Write couplets, catch goldfish, toss ring, enjoy parties and concerts......A wonderful flower market can not be missed!



Shunde: a feast of flowers

The 34th Chencun Spring Festival Flower Market will be held from Feb. 3rd to 14th at the exhibition center square of Shunde Chencun Flower World. This year, there are not only all types of orchids and other flowers, but also gourmet and shopping that show the charm of Shunde culture and industry.


Except for flower market, delicious dishes made of flowers are definitely worth trying.


Gaoming: Six-in-one fun

Gaoming Flower Market is estimated to open on Feb. 6th in the sports center of Xijiang New City. It covers six areas.

There will be Lingnan folk performances like dragon dance and lion dance at the performance area; Lingnan gourmet such as Gaoming rice-flour noodles, Heshui dumplings, Jun’an steamed whole pig, Daliang double-layered milk and some exotic food will be presented at the Chinese gourmet area; all kinds of flowers and pot plants will be sold at the flower brand and kumquat area; you can also buy festive decorations and couplets at the new year shopping area.