A number of wonderful folk activities will impress you in Foshan

Foshan China 2018-02-22

Where to the spend the Spring Festival in Lingnan area? Of course it’s the “national famous historical and cultural city " Foshan! Strolling around flower markets, watching lion dance, appreciating Cantonese opera, crossing Tongji Bridge and etc. will definitely shock you!

Watching Cantonese Opera


From the first to the seventh lunar days, Wan Fu Tai in the Ancestral Temple will invite Cantonese opera communities from Guangzhou and Foshan to present their performances in the morning, and Foshan Cantonese Opera Center will be invited to perform a wonderful feast to citizens in the afternoon.

Le’an Lantern Fair

With a history of more than 300 years, Le’an Lantern Fair is held on the 9th day of the 1st lunar month. Every year, people who are carefully savoring the intangible heritage handcrafts at the fair are always in a stream. In addition, there is a legend that people can pray for a “boy” after experiencing the folk custom of “sitting on a stone”.
Time: February 24
Location: Lianxing Avenue, Luocun, Shishan Nanhai

Dali grand meeting of lion dance

Dali grand meeting of lion dance in Foshan Nanhai is an event for lion dance competition. During the event, lion teams from the nearby areas such as Sanshui, Panyu, Shunde, Huadu and other places can reach more than 600. Lion teams compete with each other and performed their skills of “Cai Qing” and martial arts. Gongs and drums shake the sky during the competition, and the sound of firecrackers will be endless, making the scene very lively. It’s really a great performance that you can not miss!

Peach Blossom Festival in Nanhai Shishan

In addition to strolling in the streets during the Spring Festival, of course, it is also necessary to go out and enjoy the flowers. Peach blossoms, the brightest color in winter days , showing charming and dazzling scene with one after another red flowers coming out among the thick leaves. Just don't miss the 2018 Peach Blossom Festival if you love flowers!
Time: February 2 to 28, 2018
Location: Nanguo Peach Garden on Hongji Avenue, Shishan Nanhai


Crossing Tongji Bridge


"Crossing Tongji Bridge, trouble goes away.” Crossing Tongji Bridge on the 16th lunar day is Foshan’s unique blessing custom, which implies everything goes well after taking part in the activity. Crossing Tongji Bridge is entrusted with Foshan people’s longing for a better life and wish to meet a better new year. On that day, every family will spontaneously come to Tongji Bridge, holding a windmill, shaking wind bell, carrying the lettuce and crossing the bridge, praying for a smooth and lucky new year.

Jumping over the flame in Lishui Chishan

“Jumping over the flame” is the most unique local activity in Lishui Chishan Village during the Lantern Festival and it can date back to more than 300 years. Jumping high through the flame, people wish a smooth life in the coming year.
Time: March 2, 2018
Location: Entrance of the temple, Chishan Village, Lishui Nanhai

Lettuce Party

On the 26th day of lunar year, there will be a boisterous event Lettuce Party, people will come to the temple and eat the lettuce package, praying for a prosperous new year.

Lettuce is pronounced as "Sheng Cai"(生菜) in Chinese. "Sheng" means giving birth or being vigorous while "Cai" refers to fortune and wealth. Thus, the purpose of holding lettuce party becomes wishes for fortune and babies.
Time:March 13, 2018
Location: Guanyao Xu in Shishan, Nanhai
In addition to the above folk activities, there are many other wonderful ones waiting for you! Just don’t hesitate to set your schedule and spend a splendid Spring Festival in Foshan!