Foshan elements appear in London's Chinese New Year celebration

Source: People’s Daily & Xinhuanet 2018-02-23

During the recent Chinese New Year celebration in London, Lingnan cultural elements including floats, dragon lion and etc. appeared on streets and became a special scene in England,displaying wonderful Lingnan culture to overseas friends.

Float with elaborate workmanship and colorful decorations is one of the highlights of this year's  Chinese New Year celebration in London.Huang Cheng from Foshan Folk Art Research Institute introduced that there were 7 floats from Foshan participating in the parade this year, and one of them themed Sino-British golden age was specially designed for the parade celebration. Elements of the Great Wall, Big Ben, Foshan Ancestral Temple and etc. were reflected on the floats.

The other six floats took part in the Qiuse Parade in Foshan last year, publicizing Foshan traditional culture to the world.


The elements of Chancheng appear on the stage of international culture 

Colorful floats and dragon&lion teams one after another, the scene full of Chinese New Year atmosphere appeared at Trafalgar Square in London. The celebration began with a traditional dragon and lion dance and floats. The dragon&lion performance had brought together 50 teams, creating the highest record over the years.

Build Chanchengs new image abroad 

Dragon and lion culture plays an important role in linking Chancheng District and Medway in England. The two places have conducted exchanges and interactions in fields of economy, trade, education, culture and etc. over the years. Since the two cities concluded sister-city relationships, Medway sends a government delegation to participate in the cultural activity Crossing Tongji Bridge with profound folk feature every year, and the delegation also watches the Lion King Competition, feeling the charm of Lingnan culture in Chancheng.