The event of celebrating North Emperor’s birthday starts today!

Foshan China 2018-04-18

Today is the third day of the third lunar month, and the event of celebrating North Emperors birthday which has a history of one hundred years grandly starts! Tens of thousands of people participated in the annual folk event today. Lets has a review of it!

North Emperor Parade

A tour of North Emperor! North Emperor team which is named Bless Lingnan was in the leading place during the parade. 106 actors wearing mighty armors equipped with a full set of Qing Dynasty-style dresses were valiant and handsome, truly restoring the scene of the historical event.

The parade team of colorful paper-made rooster model appeared! People always thinks of Xiguan customs when talking about it.

Eight lions got into your sight! As the lion dance team passed, enthusiastic citizens rushed to take photos and touched the lion head to pray for better luck.

Oh!  Ha!, the team of Foshan Kung-Fu made an exciting performance and won citizens cheering and applause.

Characteristic dance from Yao Nationality

The characteristic intangible cultural heritage Tanbourin dance was also integrated into the parade! The audience can enjoy the customs of ethnic minorities while feeling the traditional culture.


Display of intangible cultural heritage

There were more than ten booths of intangible cultural heritages displayed in front of Qingzhen Building of the Ancestral Temple. Apart from the traditional lion head, Nanhai rattan weaving, and Shiwan pottery, there are also Canton embroidery, woodcut new year picture and etc.

Li Wanzhen, the fifth generation inheritor of Lis Lion head is showing his skills of making lion head

Alice from Guangxi and her foreign friends (from Germany, Brazil and Argentina) also came to see the North Emperors Birthday! Isabella, from Germany, said that the North Emperor's Birthday was so lively and they experienced spacial Chinese culture.


The North Emperor's Birthday is a comprehensive folk cultural activity which is popular in Pearl River Delta Area. A series of activities will be held during the North Emperor's Birthday celebration ceremony. After years of development, it has incorporated elements such as folk festivals, sports exhibitions, tourism and other elements, becoming one of Foshan's most shining cultural name cards.