The 586-year-old Yanbu dragon boat “wakes up”!

Foshan China 2018-05-30

In the morning of May 29, the annual Yanbu dragon boat awakening ceremony was held in Longchong Village, Yanbu Community.

What is it like on the scene? Here is the video↓

A set of pictures reviewing “dragon boat coming out of water”:

In the early morning, there was dragon head, dragon tail, congratulatory message and all kinds of offerings well prepared next to the “dragon bed”.

Villagers opened the pump to withdraw water in the “dragon bed”.

Yanbu dragon boat as long as 36.8 meters and weighing about 4 tons was lying here. Can you find it?

The awakening ceremony officially started at 9:30!

Lion dance was added to the lively atmosphere.

Some villagers entered into the “dragon bed” to remove the water hyacinth on dragon boat. And then they used buckets to scoop out water.

After the ceremony of worshiping, awakening, washing and so on, Yanbu dragon boat was back!

On the first day of the fifth lunar month, Yanbu dragon boat will worship Huaguang Emperor in Huaguang Temple and cruised around Yanbu, Hexi and Hedong River. On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, it will also visit its “son”(a dragon boat) in Pantang.

As the oldest dragon boat in China, Yanbu dragon boat has not taken part in traditional dragon boat races for hundreds of years. After the Dragon Boat Festival, it will be sunk into the “dragon bed” again.