A visual feast of dragon boat in Foshan

Foshan China 2018-06-19



Foshan dragon boat is a pioneer in Guangdong and even in China. Diejiao dragon boat drifting started yesterday and it will last for four days! Click the video and feel the unique charm of Foshan dragon boat!



In May and June, a number of “Color Dragons” that emerge in the watery network of Foshan bring people a colorful visual feast, which is the dragon boat race in Foshan. Foshan Dragon Boat has more than 500 years of history, bearing rich history of traditional culture.



At the Dragon Boat Festival, the whole town will turn out by the riverside. For Foshan people, Zongzi is not the only symbol of the festival. There is also the passionate feast of Dragon Boat!


起龙“Waking up” the dragon boat



Dragon boat race is one of the necessary programs for Dragon Boat Festival in Foshan every year. Before the dragon boat race, there is also a ceremony of “waking up” the dragon boat. The dragon boat buried under the river silt is dug up, scrubbed, lacquered, and dressed up for use.



The 586-year-old Yanbu dragon boat, the nation's oldest existing dragon boat, officially got out of the river on May 29 after “sleeping” for a year.



Uncle Xi, an inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage introduced that Yanbu dragon boat only appears in the period of the Dragon Boat Festival every year. After completing the mission, villagers will choose an auspicious day and put the old dragon boat back in the river.



The Yanbu old dragon boat is a "star" in the Pearl River Delta Area. For many years, the cultural essence of the Yanbu Boat Festival has been precipitated, forming a unique custom.


游龙 Dragon boat parade



The dragon boat parade is also called “Chen Jing” (gathering and cruising around) and “Bai Jing” (making postures) . The decorated dragon boat roaming in the river is only to help create an active atmosphere, without any race speed.



Dragon boat races in five districts of Foshan are mainly divided into two forms, which are dragon boat parade and dragon boat race, each has its own characteristics. Dragon boat parade lays stress on the ornamental nature, while dragon boat race emphasizes operational skills.



Between Shunde Ronggui Huakou Community and Zhongshan Dacen Village, there is an east-west river, Dacen Li River. The Dragon Boat Parade in Dacen Li River has a long history, which can date back to the 1970s. In the past, Dacen Li River was not only the “mother river” for residents on both sides of the river, but also an important link for cultural and folklore exchanges between the two places. In addition to intermarriage and visiting relatives, the most important folklore of the two places is the dragon boat parade held on the first lunar day of May.


斗龙 Dragon boat race



The dragon boat race is also called "dragon boat fighting" . On the day of the dragon boat race, the first thing is to “invite the dragon boat head”. People will beat the gongs and drums, and "invite" the dragon boat head that is usually placed in the ancestral hall to the river, insert it into the dragon boat, and hang a string of Clausena lansium leaves (which is believed to drive out evil spirits) on top of the head. The dragon boat will be full of colorful umbrellas and flags.



In Foshan, the most spectacular dragon boat race is the Diejiao dragon boat drifting in Guicheng.



The dragon boat drifting that everyone most concerns about comes yesterday! From June 18 to 21, there will be "fast and furious” dragon boat drifting in several different waterways in Guicheng, Nanhai. The four areas, several different waterways including shape S, shape C, shape L and straight track with different degrees of difficulty will bring Foshan Dragon Boat Season to its peak!



In Diejiao water village, rivers are arranged in a crisscross pattern and a river with an average width of six meters is formed, which limits dragon boats going side by side and only supports a single ship timing race. The 25-meter dragon boat drift on the multi-bend river channels and hundreds of dragon boats compete their speed and skill in narrow curved tracks, which is a perfect combination of skill and power.



Located in the back-land of the Pearl River Delta Area, the unique and superior natural condition gave birth to Foshan's profound dragon boat culture. “Foshan dragon boat is a pioneer in Guangdong and even in China.” Yu Hanqiao, secretary-general of Chinese Longzhou Association praised. Dragon boat race represents the spirit for people to fight for a better life together.


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