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Library and Gymnasium
With a social atmosphere of learning and exercising, Foshan places emphasis on the construction of cultural and sport facilities that provide modern and convenient life for residents.
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    Foshan International Sports Culture Entertainment Hall

    This is the first show of the newly-launched Foshan International Sports Culture Entertainment Hall.

  • Foshan Science Museum

    Foshan Science Museum locates in the north end of Cultural center in Foshan New City.

  • Foshan Library

    After the operation of around 22 years, Foshan Library moved to Foshan New City and opened to public on 6 Dec, 2014.

  • Shunde Library

    Shunde Library was set up in 1957 with a total construction area of 34,300 square meters.

  • Gaoming Library

    Gaoming Library is located in No.56, Wenchang Road, Hecheng, Gaoming District, Foshan.

  • Chancheng Library

    Chancheng Library, also called Su Li Xiuying Library is the general library of Chancheng United Library.

  • Gaoming Sports Center

    Gaoming Sports Center takes up about 17 hectares with a construction area of about 53,000 square meters.

  • Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium

    Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium is located in Jihua Fifth Road, Chancheng District, Foshan.

  • Century Lotus Sports Center

    Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center is located in the Foshan Park of new city central cluster by the Dongping River with an area of 42 hectares.

  • The project of E-sports Industry Center of Greater Bay Area was launched in Foshan

    The project will strive to become a gathering place for e-sports industry and high-tech talents.


  • Foshan 16-year-old “flying girl” won double world champions in succession

    A sophomore from Shishan Senior High School won double world champions at the 2018 World Middle School Games.


  • The 9th Foshan Sports Games starts on July 15

    The grand opening ceremony of the 9th Foshan Sports Games was held in the evening of July 15.


  • 36% of interviewees in Foshan keep reading every day, survey says

    E-reading has already been popularized in Foshan, and online listening to books also becomes a new trend.


  • Nanhai young football players tutored by Spanish football stars and Real Madrid coaches

    Yang Jiajian and Yang Jiakang, twin football players from Nanhai, were sent to Evergrande branch school in Madrid for professional training.


  • World Reading Day : Reading activities are to be staged in Foshan Library

    April 23 is the World Reading Day, there will be splendid various activities throughout the Foshan Library.


  • World Book Day: Have you ever done "metro reading"?

    World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event on April 23rd, which is falling on this Sunday.


  • Free! Foshan new music hall and movie hall open on Mar. 1

    There are only one day left to the date on which new music hall and movie mall will be open in Foshan Library on Mar. 1.