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Foshan Museum
The unique and precious history and culture of Foshan is always the local highlight. In order to well display Foshan’s history and culture, varieties of museums have been set up for people to discover.
  • Shunde Museum

    Shunde Museum locates in Shunde cultural center of Shunde New City, north to Desheng square.

  • Nanhai Museum

    Nanhai Museum was set up in 1981, and the new museum (including Dr. Shi Jingyi Museum) locates in Xiqiao mountain.

  • Jiujiang Shuang Zheng Museum

    Set up in September, 2009, Jiujiang Shuang Zheng Museum is the first rice wine cultural museum in China.

  • Xuanjinglong Museum

    Rebuilt from a century-old silkworm nursery, Xuanjinglong Museum is a private museum that mainly exhibits rare stones.

  • Nanhai Rattan Weaving Museum

    Rattan weaving technique has remained alive in Nanhai for a century, with woven rattan products being used to form an important part of Nanhai 's exports.

  • Fuhou Museum

    The main collection in Fuhou Museum includes nature and human culture heritages.

  • Silk Capital of Southern China Museum

    Visitors can discover lots of pictures, words, specimen, ancient equipment, tools, costume and various silk boutiqueand etc. in the museum.

  • Chancheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum will be opened next year

    There were various activities held in Foshan to celebrate the International Museum Day yesterday.


  • Activities in Foshan for International Museum Day

    Foshan will hold the activity, “2017 Foshan Culture Heritage Protection Publicity Month” from May to July this year.