Two skyscrapers to settle in new headquarters cluster in Foshan
2021-09-16 14:23

On September 15, Chancheng area of Foshan Sanlongwan, a land plot of more than 9.3 hectares was successfully sold. With an investment of over 10 billion yuan, the project plans to build a CBD headquarters cluster.


Design sketch


The land is located in the northwest of Dongping Road, south of the planned 15th Road, Chancheng District. In the future, more than 560,000 square meters of industrial CBD headquarters cluster will be built here. Along the Dongping River, there will be two 250-meter super high-rise class-A business centers, which will become the new landmarks of Sanlongwan.



After the completion of the project, a group of corporate headquarters or regional headquarters in financial, insurance, medical and other strategic emerging industries will settle, which will accelerate the rise of Chancheng area of Sanlongan.



As a new platform for the urban economic transformation in the central area of Foshan, Sanlongwan Chancheng Area will focus on producer service and life service, boosting the development of elite industries.


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Photo | Foshan Daily