A new robot company headquarter settles in Sanlongwan(Shunde)
2022-01-07 18:06
On Jan. 6, Topwiew Smart Factory and Intelligent HQ Project (hereinafter referred to as the Project), as the first business project launched in Sanlongwan (Shunde) in 2022, has opened a new chapter of industrial investment cooperation in Shunde District and high-end industrial coordination development in the Greater Bay Area. 
Shenzhen Topwiew Robot Intelligence Co., Ltd (TSIC) has bid an industrial land for the Project in Shunde Area of Sanlongwan on the same day, approximately 10 acres large with a total investment volume of 1.2 billion yuan. The Project will build a flexible production line and automation equipment production base, which caters to the demands of market in Shunde and even the GBA, heading towards a more digitalized and intelligent transformation of enterprises.
Innovation in Shenzhen + Smart Manufacturing in Shunde
High technology industries coordination development in GBA 
By the end of December of 2021, the Development Planning of Robotic Industry for the 14th Five-Year Plan has been published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 13 departments. The Plan proposes that joint efforts will be invested in building China as the original engine of the international innovation and high-technology manufacturing and application cluster. 
Topwiew Robot is a national high-tech company that works in robotic integration system, smart and automated industry 4.0 production line, and provides R&D, production and technology services. 

Photo by Topwiew Robot
As the first robotic project launched in Shunde in 2022, Topwiew plans to establish its robot headquarter in Sanlongwan(Shunde) and develop cooperation with world-famous robot companies. It is expected to keep attracting more high-technology robots projects in Shunde, heading towards an industrial cluster with a hundred-billion-yuan investment volume.  
The Project is the result of coordinated development of the high-technology industries in GBA and the symbols of the cooperation pattern - Innovation in Shunde + Smart Manufacturing in Shunde. It is also a great success of Shunde taking over resources of Shenzhen’s emerging industry. Next, Sanlongwan(Shunde) will accelerate its development in GBA to catch up with Shenzhen's footsteps, making it the first place and cluster of innovation resources transfer of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.  
Cultivation of hundred-billion-yuan industries clusters
Accelerating digitalized and smart development
Shunde grasps the opportunity in the digital economy era to push forward digitalization and industrialization. It is new energy injected into Shunde's industry development. So far, significant support is being invested in the transformation of enterprises. Shunde will try to set up over 100 digitalized demonstration factories in five years. In 2021, 11 factories in Shunde District were evaluated as the demonstration smart factory of Foshan.  
Shunde is now implementing the hundred-billion-yuan industrial cluster plan to accelerate the modern industrial system building. It aims at reaching breakthroughs in telecommunication, robotics, and advanced materials. It will mainly focus on the overall arrangement of the robotic industry in the northern center to form industry clusters in areas including Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center area and Robotics Industry Town (Phase 1), which will attract enterprises such as ESTUN, Hansrobot, and Dorabot. 
Topwiew has worked as an automated integration service provider for BYD, HKC, Hitachi, and other 300 manufacturing companies. As an essential part of the digital and smart production chain, its effort will no doubt push forward the development step of the robotic industry in Shunde, and expand the service from Shunde to China. 
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