Nanhai Smart Home Appliance staged at CASCI in Hangzhou
2021-10-13 10:19

Recently, the Nanhai Smart Home Appliance Experience Hall jointly created by Nanhai Government and Tmall was unveiled in the first China Aerospace Science and Cultural Innovation(CASCI) event, gaining much public attention right on the spot with a strong sense of modern technology.



Built on a solid manufacturing industry over the years, Nanhai now owns multiple urban manufacturing brands like Yanbu underwear, semiconductor lighting, Xiqiao textile, Nanhai aluminum, etc. Based on a complete industrial chain, Nanhai’s products are exported to enterprises from home and abroad, with 12 industries reaching an industrial output value of more than 20 billion yuan, making the goal “Where there is home, there is Foshan manufacturing” come true.



Fully displaying the strength and intelligent manufacturing technology of the Nanhai Pan-home furnishing industry, Nanhai Smart Home Appliance Experience Hall is more like an experience space with a sense of future science and technology. The widespread use of industrial robots is an important symbol of Nanhai intelligent manufacturing, and it is the mass use intelligent manufacturing equipment that upgrades Nanhai manufacturing into Nanhai intelligent manufacturing.


Constant-temperature hair dryer, pro-health water pot with smart heat control, sweeping robot, the Linsy Home electric intelligent sofa that can easily control the angle and the suspended sofa and mattress, are all the masterpieces of Nanhai intelligent manufacturing.



One government official from Nanhai District Economic Promotion Bureau said that "intelligent manufacturing" is not only the demand of contemporary society, but also the direction of industry development. Nanhai is expected to create more eye-catching smart home products and promote "Nanhai intelligent manufacturing" as a business card for high quality development.


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