Foshan Metro Line 3 spearheads with 3D monitoring in PRD
2021-11-22 09:29

On November 18, Foshan Metro Line 3 spearheaded with a brand-new technological breakthrough - 3D visualization monitoring, which marks the first time that a 3D visualization platform is applied in a subway project in the Pearl River Delta. The platform integrates three multilayered technologies - geographic information, digital twin technology, video AI analysis, video fusion analysis and so on. Functionally, it helps with the overall monitoring, coordination and management on the entire Foshan Metro Line 3.


3D visualization monitoring platform invented by Foshan Metro


Drawn upon these cutting-edge technologies, the platform works to inspect from one situation to another in a visualized way, in a case when operators obtain AI-processed footages at any chosen station, which can be applied to multiple traceable situations including intrusion, passenger detention, flow alarm, flow statistics, left-out passengers and escalator detection (falls, retrogrades).


Especially, when a problem is detected, devices will promptly capture the on-site footage and upload to the 3D visualization platform. Once the information is obtained and scrutinized, personnel will immediately  be dispatched by operators.


In the case of passenger emergency, the platform makes it possible for operators to raise a red flag in no time - locating the incidents, calling the police and finding the proper solution at the same time. With that being said, the real-time monitoring application gets to largely facilitate the work by the local police department, from tracking suspects based on retrieved videos to finding possible clues related to criminal cases.


"The platform we've been working on really does lean important pre-control towards our daily operation. We are able to avoid risks most possibly ever and by all of that, we step closer to an 'intelligent metro management' era." commented by one of the project engineers at Foshan Metro.


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