150.8 bln yuan! Foshan has launched 84 major projects
2021-11-24 10:24

On the morning of November 22, the Start-up Ceremony for Major Projects in Q4 2021 was held on the site of Zhongke Nuo Electronic Information Industry Base, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District.


In the fourth quarter, Foshan has launched 84 major projects, with a total investment of  150.836 billion yuan, and an annual planned investment of 10.439 billion yuan, which will be a great impetus to create a favourable business environment and provide strong support for high-quality development.


Photo by Foshan Daily Zhou Chun


Among the 62 industrial projects started in the fourth quarter, innovation and industrial development projects account for a large proportion, and there is a fair amount of projects with an investment of 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, such as Ruipu Energy Power and Energy storage of lithium-ion batteries and system manufacturing base projects, which are conducive to immediate economic growth, and they will accumulate lasting power for long-term development.


In addition to industrial projects, 11 infrastructure projects and 11 livelihood projects were started simultaneously. Among them there are education projects that concern citizens a lot, such as the new campus of Foshan No.9 Primary School, Sanlongwan (Tan Village) Nine-year Education School, expansion project of Chencun Middle School, etc., which constantly meet citizen’s demand for fair and high quality education resources.


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