Mega hydrogen project launched in Nanhai
2022-01-13 10:24

On January 11th, Nanhai Government and State Power Investment Cooperation (SPIC) Hydrogen Technology Development Co., Ltd signed the project cooperation agreement of establishing a hydrogen energy industrial base in South China for national electric power investment. The agreement marks the official settlement of South China hydrogen energy industrial base in Nanhai, which will be built as the only hydrogen energy industrial base in South China for membrane materials and carbon paper of SPIC.



This cooperation will promote the rapid development of hydrogen energy industrialization in Nanhai, and strive to take the lead in forming a strong collaborative development trend of innovation-led, industry-driven and application-driven development in China.


The South China hydrogen energy industrial base project of SPIC is planned to be located in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, with a total investment of about 10 billion yuan. The first phase plans to invest 2 billion yuan, focusing on the construction of membrane materials, carbon paper, fuel cells, power systems, other production lines, and the platform for research and development innovation of key fuel cell technologies and products. A hydrogen energy industrial base integrating research and development innovation, high-end manufacturing and demonstration application will be initially built. At the same time, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, demonstration and application promotion will be carried out around the above mentioned links of the industrial chain.


Nanhai government does a good job with sincere enterprise service, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. It is hoped that this agreement will serve as a new starting point to further deepen central-local enterprise cooperation, accelerate the promotion and application of new energy, jointly expand the hydrogen industry, and realize the goal of carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions.


Author | Michelle(intern)

Revisor | Wency, Eleanor, Jessica

Photo | Foshan Daily