An agricultural park in Nanhai to meet national standards
2022-05-11 09:37

On May 10, Nanhai Museum witnessed the launching ceremony of National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, where tons of industrial projects were signed on the spot. Some of the focuses include pre-made food and all-regional pond governance. 


2022 marks a critical year that China secures a decisive victory in all-round rural revitalization. So is the first year that Nanhai district kicks off a reform in solving problems related to rural areas, agriculture and farmers. This year, Nanhai seeks to build five agricultural demonstration areas with each covering an area of at least 667,000 square meters, and upgrade fish ponds and map out water treatment that covers 3.3 square kilometers. On top of that, pre-made food, an emerging industry in Foshan, should be better promoted. Ultimately, integrated growth is hoped to reach in primary, secondary and tertiary industries. 


Pre-made food projects signed on the spot 


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