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2021-09-22 10:11



As a three-day break will start on September 19th in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I bet you are still scratching your heads over where to spend your holiday in Foshan. In fact, the city, home to both modernity and antiquity, offers tons of choices for both tourists and local residents. Here are some of the best holiday options you might consider for the following three days.  


Visit a vibe of nostalgia in graceful Hanfu





The most beautiful modern Ghang'e is now WANTED in Nanhai Movie and TV Town! During the Mid-Autumn Festival, female visitors can enjoy free entry to all facilities in the park if meeting the next requirements:

1) aged from 18 to 30

2) impersonating Chang'e with makeups (the Chinese goddess of the moon)

3) wearing Hanfu4) holding rabbit-inspired lanterns  




Time: Sep 19th to 21st

Location: Nanhai Movie and TV Town


Experience unique customs in local fairs




In Shunde Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park, you are free to experience two unique local customs you can never find elsewhere.





Tossing Chinese Baijiu (strong liquor) bow ls is a game where you are allowed to toss tons of liquor bowls after drinking it, as well as a good way to decompress yourselves and evoke a share of good luck and prosperity.




A carnival ball will also be kicked off around a burning "Fanta". The higher the fire goes, the more likely people around it will gain health, wealth, and prosperity. 




Time: September 19th to 21st for the first game; September 21st for the carnival ball

Location: Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park


Feel excitement and thrills in spectacular firework shows 





On this Mid-Autumn Festival, dreamy and shiny fireworks, presented with dynamic sound waves, are going to create new sensations for you at Sanshui Lotus World. Varied shapes of fireworks are set off in the sky backed with exciting blaring music. 


时间:9月19日-21日 19:00

地点:三水荷花世界Time: September 19 to 21, 7 p.m.

Location: Sanshui Lotus World


Enjoy sweet reunions under shiny moonlights




On September 21, Hanfu-themed flights will be featured on Foshan Sanlongwan Night Cruise for the festival. Put on a Hanfu and get on a ship to enjoy beautiful moonlights with your loved ones.



时间:9月21日 第一班19:20-20:20;第二班20:40-21:40


Time: September 21, first ship starts from 19:20 to 20:20; the last ship starts from 20:40 to 21:40

Location: Sanlongwan Cruise Terminal



At the same time, you can also come to Foshan's first Hot Air Balloon Experience Exhibition. Get on a dreamy hot air balloon, embark on a romantic journey under the sky and capture the most precious moments in life.



时间:9月19日-21日 19:00-22:00


Time: September 19-21, 19:00-22:00

Venue: Foshan Creative Industry Park, Paopao Square


Discover beautiful surprises in a get-away




As Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort looks refreshed more than ever. In this resort, you can feel a bit of French vibe by walking the Starlight Market, see the beautiful refection of a giant big round moon on Egret Lake, jump right in 46 tailored SPA pools to feel the company of the nature, visit the modern "Alice in Wonderland" at Alice Manor where a windmill flower field will make its debut.




Location:Midea Egret Lake Forest ResortHappy Mid-autumn Festival,everyone!


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