10 projects coming in 2022 to benefit citizens in Foshan
2022-01-11 09:34

On January 9, a total of 10 favorable projects for 2022 were announced at the first session of the 16th Foshan Municipal People's Congress. How will they benefit each one of you in Foshan? In what areas are these policies focusing on? Let's take a look! 


1. Build up campus capacity and increase educational resources in public primary and secondary schools. As planned in the category, 39 public schools will be constructed, renovated or expanded, and 40,000 more students can be enrolled at schools. In 2022, Foshan now aims for more balanced growth in compulsory education among different districts. 


2. Pace up building more old-age service facilities. As planned this year, 1,500 medical and nursing beds and 50 elderly-friendly communities will be in place, so that senior citizens are accessible to elderly care nearby. 


3. Make progress in managing water environment. As planned this year, 12 new (expanded) sewage treatment plants will start construction, a network of 1,100-kilometer supporting sewage pipelines will be fixed (800 km) or reconstructed (300 km), black and odorous water bodies in 65 villages will be managed and ecological belts of 280 kilometers will be constructed.     


4. Lean more resources in pre-school education and after-school care services. As planned, 18 public kindergartens will be built (renovated or expanded) and 7,000 kids can be enrolled in public kindergartens. Efforts will be made to make childcare services more affordable and after-school care services are encouraged among social forces. More than 6 model childcare institutions will be built as well. 


5. Intensify efforts to deal with parking problems. As planned, 50,000 parking places, 10+ layered garages will be built this year, and the parking problem will also be relieved through a strong crackdown on random parking. 


6. Secure more costs covered by medical insurance. As planned in this category, 74 new drugs (7 used for rare disease treatment) will be included for reimbursement. Foshan will lean strong support to the central government in yearly procurement. Medicines will be procured 5 times and medical consumables 1 times in 2022, which overall spares up 200 million yuan for those insured.


7. Boost the pace in renovating old neighbourhood. As planned in this category, 37,066 renovation projects will be rolled out and ensure 100% of these projects are carried out with stable progress. Those who living in old communities are expected to enjoy more quality life. 


8. Support local residential communities with more parks. As planned based on various purposes (sports, children and culture), a total of 200 sports parks and 50 "pocket parks" (tiny sized parks) will be in place for the sake of people's leisure.  


9. Promote to build lanes for bicycles and electric bicycles. As planned in this category, special lanes of 900 kilometers will be paved in 2022. With greener living environment, local residents are encouraged to travel by bicycles. 


10. Ensure young females at proper age get free HPV vaccination. Started from September 2022, more than 30,000 girls younger than 14 (with enrollment in Guangdong Province) entering Grade 7 in junior high school will get HPV vaccination for free. 


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