First arrival of lychees in Foshan exported worldwide
2022-04-27 09:21

It is another new harvest season for lychees. With close scrutiny, on April 24, Foshan Customs Office in Gaoming, affiliated to Guangzhou Custom passed a load of lychees weighing 192 kilograms, which was valued at US$7,642, and will be transported by air. Following up that, more lychees from Guangdong Province will be exported to countries.



"Feizixiao" is one of the most popular lychee variety, as it has larger fruits, small cores and juicy pulp. Long popular among foreign consumers, the variety has ripen earlier than usual.



At Foshan Bailigao Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., the staffs are working hectically in full circle - cleaning, fruit picking, weighing, packing, pre-cooling, and loading... "The weather this year works well for growing lychees. The harvest came earlier than previous years. We're picking up more orders since April, and we're exporting more packs to Malaysia and Dubai next week."


Author | Jersey 

Revisor | Eleanor 

Source | Foshan Daily