Dali, Chencun and Beijiao designated as new city centers in Foshan
2022-05-07 09:25

Newly drafted by Foshan Bureau of Natural Resources, "Foshan Master Plan for Territory Development Plan (2020-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as the "the Plan") reveals new focuses and strategies in land development for the city. What are the updates compared to the last version of the Plan (2020-2035)? 


Going extra: 238.6 km² land added and 3 sub-districts designated as city centers 


According to the Plan, Foshan looks to develop an urban network that incorporates "one center, two sub-centers and seven clusters". 


"One center" refers to central urban areas in Foshan, including the entire Chancheng District, Guicheng Sub-district, Dali Town, Luocun Sub-district, Shishan Town in Nanhai District, and Lecong Town, Chencun Town and Beijiao Town in Shunde District. 


"Two sub-centers" include Daliang-Ronggui and Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park. 


Foshan Master Plan for Territory Development Plan (2020-2035) (Photo by Foshan Bureau of Natural Resources) 


For the record, Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park was included as a sub-center for the first time. It has a planned area of 487 square kilometers and spans 2 districts (Nanhai District and Sanshui District). China (Sanshui) International Town of Beverage and Food Base, New Town at Foshan West Railway Station and Shishan New Material Industrial Park. 


Seven clusters: Gaoming group, Sanshui group, Xiqiao group, Lishui group, Jiujiang-Longjiang group, Airport group, Danzao-Baini group. 


Shishan, once a sub-center, has now been included in Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park. So is the case for Sanshui Leping, which now is designated as the same level as Daliang-Ronggui. 


In comparison to the Plan (2011-2020), Foshan now has added Chencun Town (50.7 square kilometers), Beijiao Town (92 square kilometers) and Dali Town (95.9 square kilometers) to its central urban areas. 


"Foshan Master Plan for Territory Development Plan (2020-2035)" City Centers and Sub-centers 


"Foshan Master Plan for Territory Development Plan (2011-2020)" City Centers and Sub-centers 


By 2035, Foshan will be the home to 11.7 million permanent residents and 13 million temporary residents, including 5 million and 5.8 million in the city centers respectively. 


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