Guangzhou Line 7 peaked at 43k passenger flow per day
2022-05-09 09:35

Since its opening on May 1st, Guangzhou Line 7 (West Extension) has accumulated a passenger flow record of 125,000 for the first 4 days.  



It is considered as a trip to "City of Gastronomy".  Double-layer Milk Custard, Fish Feast, Flower Feast, Chencun Rice Noodle… Citizen can enjoy various type of food, feel the blast on their taste buds. 


Besides the joy from food, there are lots of iconic attractions. Citizen can witness the blossom of orchids in Chencun town, and feel the beauty of Lingnan style garden in Beijiao town.  



To unlock those unique experience above, citizen just need to grab the handbooks at the entrance of every stations.  


Currently, Foshan Line 3 is under construction, which includes 19 stations in Shunde. Once completed, Shunde will be more closely bounded with Guangzhou. More adventure is waiting for discovery. 


Author | Eddie 

Revisor | Jersey 

Source | Zhujiang Business